New York Hotels

New York is also called the Big Apple and it is the undisputed financial capital of the USA. People who have visited New York are sometimes overwhelmed by the sheer opulence of the place. There are excellent hotels here and most of them do not come cheap. New York can be a great place to visit for couples or friends, however when you have a family with young kids visiting hotels close to peppa pig world can be much more affordable and appreciated by the kids.

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Below are some hotels in New York and different rates so you can choose the one that agrees with your budget.

The Jane Hotel

This is the ultimate low budget hotel because you can get a double room here for just 60. This hotel is located in the Leafy West Village and is quite close to some really good boutiques, restaurants and bars in the city. This is a typical no-frills hotel so there is no room service but there is an excellent coffee shop on the ground floor. The rooms have king and queen style beds and wi-fi internet service. Best of all, some of the rooms have an excellent view of the Hudson River. The Jane Hotel also has some history because some of the survivours of the Titanic stayed here for a while in 1912.

The James Hotel

This is a modern and well decorated hotel located close to the Canal street subway station. The Brooklyn Bridge is just 15 minutes walk away from this hotel. The freedom Tower is also nearby as are art galleries and a few designer boutiques. The James Hotel has 114 rooms, one penthouse and four suites. Some of the rooms offer a great view of the East River and the Manhattan Cityscape. Among other advantages, this hotel has an excellent restaurant, a very good bar, outdoor swimming pools and Wi-fi internet service. The hotel also has provision for disabled people and is children friendly. In fact, this hotel has colouring books and DVDs for children and roll-away beds. All this is available for just 133 per night.

The Sixty Soho Hotel

This 5-star hotel is located in Lower Manhattan's Soho neighbourhood and offers great views of the Empire State Building. The hotel has just 97 rooms but the customer service is very good. Guests here can enjoy good food in the restaurants and drinks in the rooftop bar. There is internet service at a price and a cardio room for guests who want to exercise. Double rooms start at 268 per night so the Soho is not very cheap.

The Baccarat Hotel

This luxury hotel is located near Central Park and is close to the Met, Guggenheim and museum Mile. It offers excellent service, basement swimming pools, four spa treatment rooms, hotel car service (free for distances within a 15 blocks of the hotel) and exotic meals. At 675 a night, this hotel is not meant for people on a shoestring budget. For all that, the Baccarat is a wonderful luxury hotel and luxury has its price.

Final word

These are some of the best hotels in New York. Choose the one that agrees with your budget and enjoy your stay in the Big Apple.